My name is Maria D. Robinson, and I am honored to be the State Representative for the 6th Middlesex District. 

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June 15, 2021

Massachusetts racial equity panel uses first hearing to build to-do list

“When I start talking about how systemic racism affects us and how we have been largely maligned in U.S. history and in politics -- not just in the last four years, but try 200-plus years -- people are quite shocked,” he said.

Chan said the House Asian Caucus wants to see action to achieve better representation on state commissions and boards and to update how the state collects demographic data, a point also raised by fellow Caucus member Rep. Maria Robinson and by Massachusetts Asian American Commission Chair Sam Hyun.


December 14, 2019

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: As holidays approach, legislators put a wrap on fiscal 2019

"On Twitter, progressive Democrat Rep. Mike Connolly of Cambridge declared victory, thanking state Rep. Maria Robinson, D-Framingham, among others, for speaking out against the provision.


“It’s not everyday that we defeat the big corporate lobby on Beacon Hill...,” Connolly tweeted."


May 14, 2021

Senator Lesser discusses anti-Asian issues with state Rep Maria Duaime Robinson

State Senator Eric Lesser held a livestream interview Friday with State Representative Maria Duaime Robinson (6th Middlesex – Framingham) on the importance of Asian American Pacific Islander’s (AAPI) contributions to the U.S. and the increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans.


November 29, 2019

Climate change divides generations (Editorial)

"I think it’s clear ... that we need to throw everything in the toolbox at climate right now,''said Rep. Maria Robinson of Middlesex, one of several legislators who showed their support by attending.


That statement encapsulates much of what the climate debate is all about. Urgency is indeed needed if the alternative is lethargy - and the longer activists think climate change goes unaddressed, the less likely they’ll support more moderate steps that might balance environmental concerns with those of businesses and local governments.


April 24, 2021

Student activists push legislators to do more to fight climate change

“An Act Providing for Building Justice with Jobs,” sponsored in the House by state Rep. Maria Robinson, D-Framingham, and state Rep. David LeBoeuf, D-Worcester, is among the legislation that Project 9 is calling on lawmakers to co-sponsor.

In a statement, Robinson called the bill an “ambitious piece of legislation that develops a specific framework for how we increase energy efficiency in residences, which is a key component of how Massachusetts will achieve its net-zero goals by 2050.”


November 7, 2019

Massachusetts isn’t always as progressive as it seems. Our female leaders are fighting to change that

“It’s the culture of the [State House] that needs to be changed,” says state Representative Maria Robinson, the first-term Framingham Democrat who led the challenge against leadership on the corporate tax change and feels newly elected progressive women like herself are not being heard by the House leadership.


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