• Maria Duaime Robinson

Bills, Bills, Bills

Last Friday was the deadline for bill filing in the State House; from here on out, any bills that are filed will have to go through the Rules Committee. I filed 14 bills this session, though I continue to hear great ideas from constituents each day. Here are a few highlights:

HD. 3396: An act relative to building energy performance standards

This would set forth the most ambitious energy efficiency standards for existing buildings. It's modeled off of what D.C. and Atlanta have set forth to reduce carbon pollution in their cities.

HD. 1587: An act the reduce residential solicitation

I'm working with the Attorney General's office about the ongoing issue of retail energy suppliers soliciting inappropriately in the Commonwealth. I know that the people of Framingham are frustrated with this issue, and I keep hearing that it's an issue elsewhere, too.

HD.1718: An Act to promote cost savings through the use of public water

Stop using state funds to buy bottled water!

I'm happy to answer any questions about the bills, but I'm currently wading through the 1,000+ cosponsor requests. There are a ton of exciting ideas out there. Some early favorites are the PROMISE Act, the refile of the Safe Communities Act, a student loan bill of rights, Ranked Choice Voting, a bill that prevents tracking of personal data/license plates on the Pike via electronic tolling(!), and the ROE bill protecting abortion rights.


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