• Maria Duaime Robinson

Clean Energy Caucus Kick-Off

Earlier this week Senator Jamie Eldridge and I kicked off the first meeting of the newly revamped Clean Energy Caucus. With representatives of over 35 offices in attendance, including about a dozen legislators, we were happy to host an educational briefing provided by the Northeast Clean Energy Center (NECEC) and ProTerra, a manufacturer of electric buses and heavy-duty vehicles. I was excited by the depth of the conversation, with questions about grid hardening, vehicle to grid technology, and plenty of discussion of how to best achieve the Commonwealth's clean energy goals through a combination of electric generation and transportation options.

We're looking forward to providing many more of these briefings and helping the electeds and staff get more acquainted with some of the intricacies of the energy system so we can have a more robust policy debate around next steps for keeping Massachusetts' energy system clean and affordable!

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