• Maria Duaime Robinson

Committee Assignments

Apologies for being a little behind here. I owe you all some updates!

Two weeks ago, we all arrived anxiously in hearing room A-1 (where the Democratic caucus often meets -- it can get a little crowded) to get our committee assignments. I'm excited to announce that I'm on 4 committees this session:

-Joint Committee on Marijuana Policy (fairly self-explanatory, although perhaps we should look into calling it the Cannabis Policy committee instead...and yes, every possible joke about joint/marijuana has already been made)

-House Committee on Technology and Intergovernmental Affairs, which is a House-only committee that liases with other committees

-Joint Committee on Export Development which will focus on how to keep Massachusetts a global economic force


-Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight (SARO), which I'm especially excited about. This committee oversees the activities of every single state agency sitting under the Governor and the Constitutional officers, so it'll give me an opportunity to dig in deeply on the goings on around the Commonwealth. The statutory mandate is quite broad: "It shall be the duty of the committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight to consider all matters concerning competitive bidding on public contracts, public construction, open meeting laws, state regulations, state agencies, lobbyists’ reporting laws and such other matters as may be referred."

My bills have been referred to committees, including Judiciary; Telecomm, Utilities, and Energy; SARO; Public Safety and Homeland Security; Election Laws; Transportation; Economic Development and Emerging Technologies; and Tourism, Arts, and Cultural Development. Needless to say, it'll be a busy session!

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