• Maria Duaime Robinson

Votes and Updates!

This week, the House (and I) voted on two important bills: one banned the abusive practice of conversion therapy while the other lifted the cap on kids in the welfare system. Both of these bills will improve the lives of children in the Commonwealth, and I was proud to be a co-sponsor of both bills.

Back in January, I got to present my first citations as state rep to two amazing young women (one of whom got the chance to pitch herself for an internship with my office at the event!). Being able to support and applaud young leaders is one of the best parts of my job. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for my first Eagle Scout and Gold Award ceremonies later this year!

In legislative news, Senator Rebecca Rausch (Norfolk, Bristol, Middlesex district) and I filed legislation this week in response to the news that fares on the T and the commuter rail are rising. It's our sincere belief that there needs to be more rider and community representation on the board that determines rider fares, and our bill aims to address the fact that riders are not currently represented on the board.

Aside from that, the team is focusing on constituent calls and the upcoming budget process. We're excited that the Ways and Means chair was open to my budget requests and provided some helpful advice on the process. We'll know more once the budget is out in April.

Next week includes everything from delivering Meals on Wheels to testifying in front of our City Council to a big hearing on the PROMISE Act (education funding reform) to a celebration of our local mentoring agency to committee meetings and more. You can always catch more timely updates on Twitter (the most timely) and Facebook (for larger announcements).

Enjoy the first day of spring, coming soon!

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